We cross the borders and start interacting


We cross the borders and start interacting

(2 ACM-2BEE)


About the project

In this project we will discuss the life of teenagers in three European countries: Turkey, Italy and Poland. We well talk about students free time activities, their schools places they live, what they do to keep fit and be polite. We will prepare presentations, write messages and share them on learning platforms, such as Twinspace. The project will last from February to May and will aim at bringing together three schools and three groups of students.


Students will:
• raise cultural awareness; they will learn about differences and similarities between three European nations,
• develop digital competence through creating presentations and using learning platform,
• improve language skills, especially speaking and writing,
• increase motivation in learning a foreign language.


Work procedures

The project will start in February and should last until the end of May. Students fom different countries will communicate in groups of three. Each month they will be given a topic to explore and share information about. Teachers will support, give advice and motivate students. they will also gather information from their students and share it among themselves for further publishing.

Expected results

Students will be more open and tolerant towards cultural differences. The will gain knowledge concerning project theme. Information about the project’s progress will be presented on school message boards. All the information gathered in a booklet (printed or interactive) may serve as a teaching sources for English teachers.