Edible Identities


La  classe 1 AIT quest’anno è impegnata nel progetto “Edible Identities: Food as Cultural Heritage”, un progetto in collaborazione con diverse scuole estere per un totale di 103 studenti e 13 docenti. Le nazioni sono Turchia, Francia, Spagna, Slovacchia, Romania e, naturalmente, Italia.

I ragazzi approfondiscono la tematica “cibo” soprattutto come frutto di tradizioni e valori legate alle culture di diversi paesi. Ecco l’abstract del progetto:

We think of the smells and tastes of our childhood and say, “Grandma made it best.” This nostalgic experience is part of our personal history, while the process of cooking maps the cultural history of a nation.
One of the most defining elements of a country, region or culture is its cuisine. Food represents a powerful part of the identity of a nation, region or people. Among others, local cuisines greatly contribute to enhancing sustainability in tourism, increasing the authenticity of the destination, strengthening the local economy, providing for the environmentally friendly infrastructure and last but not least raising awareness among tourists regarding the cultural richness of a region.
During the development of this project, pupils will gather information about the traditional cooking of their region. By doing this, pupils will discover their traditions, the cooking customs of past generations and the traditions of their partners by exchanging information with them. They will be able to relate cooking with local history, examining the social conditions of the past as well as with economic and technological evolution.