Not to bully is lovely!


About the project

The project aims to prevent or minimize bullying by analyzing the problems from the students ‘point of view and by solving them with the help of school teachers. We aim:
-To change the tendency of students towards violence, bullying and use of slang language by making them do researches on the topic.
-To improve students’ ICT skills by using web 2.0 tools.
-To improve the foreign language practice
-To strengthen the communication skills



-To make students use technology and to make them more self- confident
-To use the foreign language for their tasks
-To inform the students about ICT and make them aware that technology is not used just for chatting but also it can be used in different areas and during classes.
-To encourage the students creative thinking by using word design technique.
-To help them gain self-confidence by recording videos
-To learn to communicate properly



At the beginning of the project, the students are going to meet online in the live chat room and introduce themselves.
Then each school is going to give a preliminary-test to their students by using Action bound or Quizlet tool which will be organized by the teachers.
After the results are taken, the students are going to do a research about violence, emotional violence, bullying and use of slang language. There will be a discussion meeting among the students and the teachers. The students are going to do an activity (a rap song, mannequin challenge, a big picture formed by students) using web 2.0 tools.
All the students are going to attend the ” word design” competition and, as a result of their studies, the logo of our project will be composed. The competition will be evaluated by the teachers using Tricider or Kahoot.
As a last step all the students will take the quiz again and the results will be downloaded.



There will be videos and songs created by our students. The project will be just a small step towards the world we hope to live in.